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Benefits & Limitations of Independent Specimen Collection Services

Bayside provides an independent medical and research specimen collection, processing, and delivery service. Bayside IS NOT a medical laboratory and does not conduct laboratory testing. Bayside IS NOT a partner or subsidiary of any medical laboratory.

We will collect, process, and delivery your medical specimens to the laboratory of your choosing. However, most labs prefer that your practitioner have an open account at their laboratory. Laboratories provide their practitioner clients an account number and preprinted test requisition forms with that account number on it. This account number assists the laboratory incorrectly assigning your laboratory order to your ordering practitioners’ laboratory account. So, most laboratories prefer that practitioners use these preprinted forms. A laboratory account number is not required but, without this information, sometimes laboratories have difficulty correctly reporting those results to your practitioner in a timely manner. So, to best assist you, we will require a copy of the original laboratory requisition form that your practitioner gave you. You will also need information from that document to complete this service request. So, before you start, please make sure you have that ready.

Once specimens are delivered, Bayside has no control over the handling, processing, and testing of specimens, or reporting of those results to the prescribing practitioner. The laboratory is solely responsible for proper handling, processing, testing and results reporting. Bayside is NOT responsible IF the laboratory fails to do any of the above properly or in a timely fashion.

While most common laboratory tests require the same or similar type of sample (whole blood, plasma, serum, urine, etc.) no matter what laboratory is performing the testing, every laboratory has its own specimen requirements for sample type, processing, and handling. While every effort is made to collect adequate and acceptable specimens, it is impossible to know the specific requirements for every test done by every laboratory. Furthermore, some laboratory tests cannot be collected in the field because the sample requires special handling that is impossible to perform outside a laboratory environment. In addition, some laboratory tests require the sample to undergo additional processing IN THE LABORATORY, which cannot be done in the field, as soon as it is delivered by our technician to the laboratory. Given these facts, there is a possibility that inadequate samples or no samples will be obtained. This is also the primary reason that we require this request form be completed in its entirety for each and every lab order for which you want us to collect specimens. Only with this information can we determine the specific requirements for your lab order(s). With this information, every effort will be made to ensure your lab order(s) is processed successfully. However, Bayside is NOT responsible IF the laboratory fails to perform any additional preanalytical sample processing required after we deliver the samples to the laboratory.

Bayside specimen collection and delivery services are provided ONLY at the direction of and under specific order from a duly licensed medical practitioner authorized to prescribe and order medical diagnostic testing. You cannot request specimen collection services without a valid laboratory order from an authorized medical practitioner.

Bayside personnel cannot materially change or in any way alter the laboratory order provided by your prescribing practitioner. It is against the law for any medical care provider to change a practitioner’s order without express consent from the prescribing practitioner. Likewise, you cannot materially change or alter your prescribing practitioner’s laboratory order for you.

The information requested in the following pages will help us avoid errors and provide you with the best possible service.

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